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Explore and Compare Statistics on our 21 Sales Core Competencies

Selling Competencies

Sales Core Competency 1

The Hunter Competency

A salesperson’s capabilities for prospecting

Sales Core Competency 2

The Relationship Building Competency


The quality of a salesperson’s business relationships


Competency Components

Sales Core Competency 3

The Consultative Seller Competency

A salesperson’s ability to take a consultative approach to a sales opportunity and uncover the compelling reasons to buy

Sales Core Competency 4

The Selling Value Competency

A salesperson’s ability to quantify the opportunity and be the value rather than sell on price


Competency Components

The Selling Value Competency

Sales Core Competency 5

The Qualifier Competency

A salesperson’s ability to thoroughly qualify an opportunity

Sales Core Competency 6

The Presentation Approach and Context Competency

A salesperson’s ability to present the right content, to the right people at the appropriate point in time


Competency Components

The Presentation Approach and Context Competency

Sales Core Competency 7

The Closer Competency

A salesperson’s ability to get business closed on a timely basis

The Closer Competency

Competency Components

Sales Core Competency 8

The Milestone-Centric Sales Process Competency

A salesperson’s ability to follow a staged, milestone-centric sales process


Competency Components

The Milestone-Centric Sales Process Competency

Sales Core Competency 9

The CRM-Savvy Competency

A salesperson’s mastery of and discipline in using CRM


Competency Components


Sales Core Competency 10

The Mastery of Social Selling Competency

A salesperson’s effective, consistent use of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogging

Explore and Compare Statistics on our 21 Sales Core Competencies

Sales DNA

Sales Core Competency 11

Doesn't Need Approval

When a salesperson needs to be liked it prevents him/her from asking questions, pushing back and challenging conventional thinking

Sales Core Competency 12

Controls Emotions

A salesperson must be able to stay in the moment, not in their head, in order to use active listening skills

Sales Core Competency 13

Supportive Beliefs

A salesperson’s collection of sales beliefs that support, rather than sabotage ideal sales outcomes

Supportive Beliefs

Sales Core Competency 14

Supportive Buy Cycle

A salesperson has a supportive buy cycle when the way he/she makes a major purchase supports ideal sales outcomes

Sales Core Competency 15

Comfortable Discussing Money

A salesperson must be able to have an in-depth conversation with prospects about finances

Sales Core Competency 16

Handles Rejection

A salesperson who is rejection proof is able to recover immediately from rejection

Handles Rejection

Explore and Compare Statistics on our 21 Sales Core Competencies

The Will to Sell

Sales Core Competency 17

Desire for Success in Sales

How badly a salesperson wants to achieve greater sales success

Sales Core Competency 18

Commitment for Success in Sales

Salesperson’s willingness do whatever it takes to achieve greater sales success

Sales Core Competency 19


How a salesperson feels about him/herself and his/her career in sales


Sales Core Competency 20


The degree to which a salesperson takes responsibility for results instead of rationalizing or making excuses

Sales Core Competency 21


How motivated a salesperson is to achieve sales success

OMG analyzes not only the overall motivation level, but also the balance between intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. We also provide insights into a number of sales-related motivational tendencies to help managers best motivate their salespeople.

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Objective Management Group, Inc. is the pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening. Spearheaded by leading sales industry expert, Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group, Inc. can help you measure sales effectiveness, execution and potential.

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OMG provides growing companies with the timeliest and most accurate insights for growing sales, profits and market share. We look at your people, strategies and systems and can tell you whether your people can actually execute the company’s strategies, meet your expectations and belong in the roles they are in. You’ll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing two, three or even four times better. You’ll discover what you must do in order to help those people achieve their potential. You’ll understand which of your people won’t ever perform any better than they do right now and why. We analyze your pipeline for quality and quantity and report on the effectiveness of sales management. Where do you want to go?

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OMG also offers evaluations for your Sales Managers and Sales Leaders which provide unique insights more tailored to individuals in those roles. We can also provide a detailed analysis of your sales organization as a whole, including individuals at all levels of the sales organization.

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The Will to Sell

Learn whether your salespeople have the Desire and Commitment it takes to be successful in sales. Also discover insights into their Outlook, whether they Enjoy Selling, how Motivated they are, and whether they are Extrinsically or Intrinsically Motivated.


Our Opportunity analysis estimates the net increase in sales that could be realized by improving a salesperson's strengths and skills..

Sales DNA

Sales DNA is at the core of salespeople, and explains whether they have strengths that will support desirable outcomes or weaknesses that will sabotage those outcomes.


OMG's competencies give detailed insight into the skills and strengths that a salesperson possesses. Some of the competencies we measure include Hunter, Consultative Seller, Qualifier, Closer, Selling Value, and Account Manager.


OMG's development findings include whether a candidate has the Will to Sell to improve, whether a candidate is Coachable, and a candidate's Figure-It-Out-Factor™ (i.e. how quickly they can come up to speed).

Sales Quotient

OMG's Sales Quotient finding is the single best measure of how strong a salesperson's skills are.

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